GVCA TRAVEL AND TOURS is a travel agency that acts as the BOOKING AGENT of clients for their travel requirements.  Services, other than tours solely organized and operated by GVCA Travel and Tours, are provided by carefully selected suppliers that are duly-licensed to operate.

All clients availing of the company’s services are expected to fully understand and accept the following terms and conditions. In case of group bookings, the main contact person is liable for the acceptance of the terms and conditions on behalf of the group.

  1. Each supplier (hotels, tour operators, airlines, cruise lines, other travel-service providers) has its own policies (including cancellations and refunds), terms, and conditions.  Our agency and the client shall comply with these conditions based on the arrangements availed from these suppliers.
  2. GVCA Travel and Tours assumes that all travelers, unless otherwise indicated before booking, are fit and healthy enough to carry on with the normal conditions and demands of the trip.  The agency is not liable for any untoward incident arising from a pre-existing health condition that were not declared at the time of booking.

In the case of persons with disability, senior travelers, or those with special needs, requests for specific arrangements have to be coordinated with GVCA Travel and Tours prior to booking.

  1. Products and services are always subject to availability.  Rooms, tours, and airline seats of regular carriers may be reserved up to a certain period depending on the option date to be given by the supplier.  Budget carriers (e.g. Cebu Pacific, Air Asia, Jet Star, etc.) are always on a book and buy basis.  Bookings are only guaranteed upon full payment.
  2. Rates quoted are subject to change unless booking is finalized.  Especially in the case of airlines tickets, fares are constantly changing.  Please confirm with the Reservation Officer the current rate prior to payment.  Rates for land arrangements may change due to factors beyond the agency’s control such as currency exchange fluctuations and supplier or government-imposed cost changes.
  3. Clients are strongly encouraged to avail of travel insurance that covers the whole duration of their trip. This is to protect their interest during a Force Majeure, during which the agency has no control over such incidents. These include acts of terrorism, civil unrest, war, natural disaster, nuclear disaster, etc.

Travel insurance also covers emergency medical care, lost baggage, delayed flights, repatriation, among other inconveniences. Coverage and claims are subject to the service provider’s terms and conditions. 


  • Cash or Bank Deposits - Clients may deposit their payments through the following banks:
    • Bank of the Philippine Islands
    • Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation
    • Banco De Oro
    • In case of bank deposit, client must forward to the agency a copy of the deposit slip or proof of bank transfer.

  • Credit Card Payment - Clients may use their Mastercard or Visa cards to pay for their booking through Pay Pal.  Due to the charges involved in these transactions, an additional 5% is required.

  • Installment for Land Arrangements - Terms and conditions apply